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GreenCreteDomes is located in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia. For more information email Don Briere

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GreenCreteDome Inflation
GreenCreteDome Inside the Dome
Quonset Home
Dome Inflation
Airform Inflation
"This video shows how a GreenCreteDomes airform is inflated."
"Inside the GreenCreteDomes airform."
"Michelle and Will harmonized ancient architectural wisdom of the dome with modern construction techniques. Dome homes can be designed in virtually limitless appealing ways. "
"Monolithic dome home inflation."
"This video shows how a dome home airform is inflated. This method of construction greatly reduces time and cost required to build your home."
First Concrete Application
California Academy of Sciences
Roof shells going up
"Concrete is applied to create a virtually indestructable dome home structure."
"Indestructible 30-foot monolithic concrete and steel dome being sprayed with 3-inches of 3-lb. closed cell foam."
"The Green Report - Senator Hillary Clinton talks about "eco-leadership" while visiting a new eco-friendly building."
"This is an example of a very labour-intensive approach to dome construction."